5 Big Benefits Adults Can Experience With Fluoride Varnish

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5 Big Benefits Adults Can Experience With Fluoride Varnish

benefits of fluoride varnish in adultsFluoride remains one of the best developments in dental profession within the past 70 years. Since its introduction to the world of oral health, fluoride has helped the general population experience less tooth decay and other oral issues. Aside from adding fluoride into our drinking water to help strengthen our teeth, dentists and oral health professionals everywhere have begun including optional treatments that harden the teeth and make them more resistant to decay with fluoride varnishes.

Fluoride varnish is typically used after a cleaning is completed in children’s mouths so that their teeth can be more resistant to decay as they grow. However, some adults can benefit from fluoride varnish treatment just as much if not more than children as well.

Here are some of the benefits that fluoride varnish treatments provide for adults:

*Do you have crowns, bridges, or fillings? The edges of crowns and fillings are prone to decay, but a fluoride varnish can help protect these restorations against future decay. It can also eliminate decay around their cracks and margins.

*Are you experiencing any tooth sensitivity? The pain you feel can be reduced with the fluoride varnish treatment. Regular applications of fluoride can help eliminate this sensitivity, making your mouth feel more like normal.

*For those who have poor oral hygiene, who don’t brush or floss regularly, or who frequently consume soda and other acidic drinks, fluoride varnish can help guard your teeth from decay. The treatment helps fight plaque, the substance that latches onto teeth and causes tartar and decay.

*Do you have a dry mouth because of certain medications or physical issues? A reduced production of saliva can increase your risk for tooth decay. Fluoride varnishes can help shield your mouth against decay regardless of the amount of saliva is present in your mouth.

*Have you been experiencing gum recession or exposed root surfaces? Roots are much more vulnerable to decay, but professional fluoride varnish treatments can help strengthen those roots and guard them against any future decay.

If you’ve never had a cavity, haven’t had one in several years, have a strict oral hygiene regimen, and eat a healthy diet that is low in sugar, you might not need fluoride varnishes. However, if you are experiencing any of the above issues, Foley Dental Group can help! Call us today at (618) 288-9670 to request an appointment or learn more about fluoride varnishes, if they are the right solution for you, and what they can do for your teeth!