5 Fantastic Benefits of a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

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October 8, 2014
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5 Fantastic Benefits of a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

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At one point or another we all wish that we could wave a magic wand and make our situation better than ever. Maybe you’re looking for love, or maybe you’ve been striving for a promotion at work.  It’s not quite a magic wand, but it turns out that a nice smile can help in a variety of different areas!

Maintain a healthy smile and start enjoying these 5 benefits!

A nice smile makes you more attractive.

Believe it or not, 47% of people say they notice your smile first when they meet you! In fact, your smile beats out your eyes, smell, clothes, and hair for the Most Noticed Feature Award.  Whether you’ve got your eye on a new sweetheart or you’re looking to meet someone new, it turns out your smile is your best wingman!

Smiling can instantly boost your mood.

Aside from helping you look great, your smile can help you feel awesome as well!  Even when you’re down in the dumps, just forcing your mouth into a smile tends to make people feel better.  Why?  Because smiling automatically releases endorphins, the same chemicals responsible for that famous “runner’s high” that comes from running and working out.

Showing off your pearly whites is good for your overall health.

Not only can your smile make you happy, but it can also affect your body in other ways you may not notice right away!  While smiling helps relieve stress and lower blood pressure, it also boosts your immune system.  One study found that hospitalized children who were visited by storytellers that made them laugh had a higher white blood cell count than children who weren’t made to laugh. So while you’re eating healthily and getting in some exercise, help your body even more by grinning throughout the day!

People with nice teeth tend to make more money.

In the office, a nice smile can be worth a million bucks! Well, maybe not quite a million, but women with nice teeth earn about 11% more than women with bad teeth.  Men see an even bigger pay gap with pearly-white guys making 18% more than men with less attractive teeth.

You do better at work when you have nice teeth.

The workplace benefits of a nice smile don’t stop at earnings! According to recent studies, 99.7% of people think a nice smile is an important personal asset, and 74% say that an unattractive smile can hurt your chances of business or career success.  Once your smile helps you get the job, it could even help you move up to a management or other leadership position!  In fact, a study at The University of Montpellier found that an attractive smile was a more effective leadership technique than great management responsibilities.

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