5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Dental Veneers

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Dental Veneers

reasons to get dental veneersMany people wish that they had whiter, straighter teeth. While there are several types of procedures that can help improve these imperfections, one dental procedure can solve many of these problems – dental veneers.

Not familiar with dental veneers? These beauties are made of a thin piece of porcelain, which is used to recreate the natural look of teeth and provide strength and resilience comparable to natural tooth enamel, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Veneers are custom-made to the contour of your teeth, and they are bonded to your teeth’s original enamel throughout a series of in-office procedures.

Are dental veneers right for you? It depends! Here are just 5 reasons why you should consider getting dental veneers:

Whiten Teeth – As we age, staining can sometimes permeate the enamel of our teeth, along with the dentine, leaving a dull yellow color on our teeth. Veneers can be used as an alternative to teeth bleaching, giving you that pearly white smile you’ve been wanting!

Protect Chipped or Cracked Teeth – If you have chipped or cracked teeth, you might feel reluctant to smile. Veneers can cover up these chips and cracks, preventing any further damage from taking place, covering up any imperfections, and leaving you with crack-free teeth!

Close Unwanted Gaps – Some people have large gaps between their teeth. These gaps, called diastemas, can be closed with the help of veneers, giving you an impressive change in your smile’s appearance.

Improve Your Smile – Got misaligned or crooked teeth and want to fix them quickly? Try veneers! While improving the alignment of your teeth can take several months with braces, veneers can accomplish this within a fraction of the time.

Rejuvenate Your Teeth – Our teeth become less resistant to staining as we grow older. If you enjoy having tea, coffee, soda, or other staining liquids and foods often, veneers can help improve your smile’s resistance to staining by acting as a barrier!

The right dental veneers can be a quick and easy way to help you get a beautiful smile, but keep in mind that they are an irreversible treatment. Talk to us here at Foley Dental Group about whether veneers are right for you! Request an appointment with us by calling (618) 288-9670 or by visiting us online at www.foleydentalgroup.com.