7 Words That Mean Something Totally Different to Your Dentist

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April 13, 2015
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7 Words That Mean Something Totally Different to Your Dentist

Sometimes when you hear someone say a word or read a certain word in a book, your mind might bring forth a certain image. Maybe you read the word “cycle” and think of a bike or a load of laundry instead of a denoted period of time in which certain events occur and then begin again at a determined date. Believe it or not, that type of thing is pretty common here in our office as well!

Here are 7 terms that might mean something to you but something completely different to your dentist!

Bridge – Outside of this office, bridges are man-made (or sometimes natural) structures that you cross to get from one place to another. Inside the office, a bridge is a stationary dental appliance that is fixed to teeth adjacent to a space. It replaces one or more missing teeth, cemented or bonded, in order to support teeth or implants adjacent to the space. They actually resemble natural teeth as well!

Calculus – You might remember calculus as that one ridiculously tough math class you decided to take (or avoid) in high school. There aren’t any derivatives when it comes to calculus in the dentist world! In fact, to us calculus is hard residue (a.k.a.: tartar) that forms on teeth due to inadequate plaque control. Calculus teeth often are usually stained yellow or brown.

Canine – The first thing that might pop in your mind when you see this word is your four-legged friends at home. To us, canines are the two upper and lower teeth that we all have in our mouths! These teeth help in tearing food like meat to help you in chewing better.

Clasp – In any other world, a clasp could be either something that links two things together (like a clasp on a necklace) or the action of holding something together (such as clasping your hands together). Here, a clasp is simply a device that retains a removable partial denture to stationary teeth.

Crown – Everyone wants to wear a crown if they want to feel like royalty – at least, the type of crown you wear on top of your head. While very popular here, crowns are used as covers for missing or unsightly teeth. They help cover your teeth to protect them from decay, and they look and feel like real teeth!

Pulp – When you get your orange juice, you need to decide between getting a carton that has no pulp, some pulp, or a lot of pulp. We don’t think about orange juice when we hear pulp here, though! To us, the pulp is the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue inside your teeth.

Root – There are so many different ways you can take the word “root.” Roots can be equations that you solve in math, the fiber that holds a plant in the ground, or even the tiny piece of a word that can be traced back to Latin or Greek origins. Here, root is the tooth structure that connects the tooth to the jaw!

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