8 Tips to Help You Say Bye-Bye to Bad Breath!

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8 Tips to Help You Say Bye-Bye to Bad Breath!

bad breathHow many times do you wake up in the morning with bad breath? Probably almost every day, right? Bad breath, also known as halitosis, affects between 35 and 45 percent of Americans. In fact, almost everyone will experience bad breath at some point in their lives, if not every morning when they wake up.

Halitosis isn’t just caused by stinky foods that we consume; there are several factors that come into play, including poor hygiene, mouth infections, nose and throat issues, dry mouth, medications, tobacco products, and, yes, certain foods.

Once you know you have an issue with halitosis, you can start combating the problem. Many times, halitosis is caused by poor hygiene or the breakdown of certain food particles. These 8 great tips should help you fight halitosis and say, “Sayonara!” to bad breath!

*Always brush your teeth after you eat to prevent bacteria from breaking down food remnants.

*Floss every day! Removing food particles from between your teeth isn’t just essential to healthy teeth and gums; it also helps diminish bad breath.

*Brush your tongue to help remove the buildup of bacteria. This is especially important for those who suffer from dry mouth!

*Avoid certain potent foods such as garlic, onions, and sticky, sugary foods.

*Stay away from soda and coffee as much as possible.

*Keep your mouth moist by drinking plenty of water.

*Change your toothbrush regularly – once every other month should be just fine.

*Be sure to visit us annually or semi-annually!


Bad breath doesn’t only happen in the mouths of those who don’t brush daily. Anyone can experience it for a number of reasons. If you find that the above tips don’t do too much in eliminating your bad breath, try eating crunchy fruits and veggies, eating fruits high in vitamin C, adding a cinnamon stick to your beverage, or sipping great tea throughout the day to give you a bit of extra help.

If you find that you have chronic halitosis that doesn’t improve with good hygiene and diet practices, there could be an underlying medical condition causing this. Talk to your physician if you feel like this might apply to you.

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