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Foley Family Health Challenge

photos of the Foley Dental Group familyA few months ago, the Foley Family created a new purpose for our office: to improve the lives of our patients and ourselves. Our team believes in practicing what we preach, and we preach COMPLETE HEALTH! Together, we have devised a plan to make a lifestyle change as a team. No woman will be left behind! With accountability partners drawn and the scoreboard posted, we are READY to start our journey to bettering our lives!

We would love to have our patients join us in our challenge – SO, we’re going to share Phase 1 in hopes that you will join us on this journey! Phase 1 is centered on the most important nutrient that our body needs – water. Water is responsible for a plethora of functions within the body. If you do not take in more water than what you expel, your body is at risk for dehydration. Dehydration, as many know well, can be the cause for multiple health issues ranging all the way from a simple headache to fatigue and confusion.   Water is the most important part of our daily diet, which is why we made it our first focus in our health challenge.

For the next 4 weeks, our Foley Family will focus on attempting to consume a minimum of 80 ounces of water each day. We have accountability partners who will be with us along the journey to encourage us and keep us on track for our daily goal! We have taken a stand for our own health and we are excited to begin this challenge! We will track our water intake throughout the course of our day. If we hit our goal for that day, we will put our name on the scoreboard! Good luck to everyone in the Foley Family AND to our patients who decide to join our challenge!