Got Braces? 5 Crucial Steps to Help You Brush Like a Boss

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Got Braces? 5 Crucial Steps to Help You Brush Like a Boss

happy with bracesIf you have braces, you might think that all you need to do is brush as you would normally and dodge those tricky elastic bands around your braces. Think again! When you wear braces, your oral hygiene routine will become more important than ever since you will be working within tiny spots in which food and plaque can get trapped easily. If you don’t clean your teeth and braces well enough, you can suffer from tooth decay and enamel staining around the brackets and bands of your braces.

Don’t worry, though! Taking care of your teeth while you wear braces doesn’t have to be rocket science. Just follow these 5 tips below to help keep your smile healthy and looking like new!

Prepare and Protect – Before you pick up the floss or put toothpaste on your toothbrush, you will need to protect your braces. Take off the elastic bands and any other removable parts of your braces. Put them in a safe place away from the sink so you won’t accidentally knock them down the drain.

Clean Your Braces – Now that you’re properly prepared, you will need to clean your braces. Use your brush and clean around the wires and pins of your braces at a 45-degree angle. Brush from the top of each wire and then from the bottom. Make sure that you take your time to get all the plaque and food particles out of your braces!

Brush Your Teeth – Now it’s time to clean your teeth! Take the time to clean each tooth individually with your brush at a 45-degree angle to the junction between the tooth and gum. Move the brush in a circular motion, and make sure you get the fronts, sides, bottoms, and back of your teeth. Brushing should take about 2 minutes.

Break Out the Floss – You’ll want to make sure that you floss once a day with super floss, a type of floss that’s used for cleaning around braces and wires. If you’re not sure how to do this, ask one of our awesome hygienists to show you how it’s done, or you can follow the instructions on the package of the floss.

Rinse and Check Yourself – Once you’re done brushing and flossing, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water or mouth rinse to get all the gunk out of your mouth. Check your teeth and braces out in the mirror to see if you missed any spots. Your teeth should feel clean and like new!

In addition to these steps, you’ll want to make sure that you brush carefully after every meal with a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste. Rinse thoroughly and check to make sure that you’re teeth are clean in the mirror. Most importantly, remember to come see us every 6 months so your teeth and gums can stay healthy and beautiful! Request an appointment with us by calling (618) 288-9670 or by visiting