Amyloid Plaques
August 5, 2020
Mouth Breathing is Bad Breathing
August 5, 2020
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Healthy Start Does That!

By looking at the picture of the 5 year old on the left, I’d be willing to wager that:
✔️ This kiddo has a thumb-sucking (or finger or pacifier) habit
✔️ She mouth breathes, snores, or grinds her teeth…very possibly all three
✔️ The parents probably report some other concerns…maybe bedwetting, attention issues, behavior concerns, chronic allergies, or restlessness. None of which do they have any clue is directly related to the position of their daughter’s jaws.
This kiddo corrected the thumb-sucking habit with simple, non-invasive intervention. And then continued her treatment to guide her permanent teeth into exactly the positions nature intended. And, probably best of all, she established proper nasal breathing, which will contribute positively to her overall health HER ENTIRE LIFE.
THIS is why I love what I do. ❤️

-Dr. Katie Kosten