Intraoral Cameras – Revolutionary Dental Technology That’ll Improve Your Smile!

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July 24, 2015
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Intraoral Cameras – Revolutionary Dental Technology That’ll Improve Your Smile!

intraoral camerasThere’s something about a radiating smile that’ll win almost anyone over. However, not everyone is able to flaunt a perfect smile. With copious amounts of carbonated, sugary drinks and processed foods available, oral issues are becoming more and more common due to patients disregarding dental diagnoses and treatments if they aren’t accompanied by pain or visual cues.

Dentists strive to provide the highest level of care they can to each of their patients. To ensure this, they use different types of tools and technology to pinpoint problem areas. One gadget that has been welcomed with open arms by dentists and changed the way our teeth are examined is the intraoral camera.

Intraoral cameras have become a valuable tool in detecting dental concerns early on while educating patients at the same time. Usually described as an oversized pen, an intraoral camera is a video camera that is inserted into a patient’s mouth. Images are then displayed over a screen, allowing dentists to show their patients in real-time if they have defective fillings, fractured teeth, cavities, bleeding gums, plaque build-up, and much more.

When your dentist explains what’s happening inside the patient’s mouth, it may possibly fall on deaf ears due to a patient’s lack of knowledge in dental lingo. But with the intraoral camera, problem areas are easier to spot and harder to ignore as they are visually displayed on a monitor in front of them. And unlike traditional x-rays that require processing time, these images are instantly available! Intraoral cameras can also be quite useful for “before and after” pictures, displaying results that the patient can see.

This painless method of advanced imaging has made it easier for dentists to help patients achieve better oral health practices. Saving time for both the dentist and patient, the intraoral camera’s portable structure enables the dentist to talk to the patient about recommended treatment options, allowing the patient to walk away with a better understanding of present or up-and-coming dental issues.

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