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August 14, 2018
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August 25, 2018
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Lady Bosses

As an office full of women, we LOVE to celebrate each other, lift one another up, and empower each other. With August 26th being Women’s Equality Day, we wanted to highlight a few of the lady bosses in the office!

First and foremost we have to highlight our ultimate lady boss, Dr. Foley. She is our fearless leader! She shows up every day ready to lead us and our patient’s on our journey to getting people healthy.

Next up is one of our awesome assistants, Kelsey. She runs her side hustle from the comfort of her very own garage! Kelsey is an amazing wood worker, painter, and creative visionary. Check out her Instagram @soulfullofsunflowers to see some of her work.

Jenn is also her own lady boss in her own right! Jenn runs a business where she encourages people, specifically women, to put their health first! She aims to help women with their fitness goals as well as help them feel more confident with products that can give them better hair, more energy, and many more!

Laura is a lady boss over something that we ALL love… makeup! If you need new foundation, mascara, or even a new skincare routine, Laura is the lady boss for that!

Steff and Samantha are both certified personal trainers. On top of the amazing hard work they put in at the office, they both also have personal training clients that they help reach their goals! Talk about hard work!

Lastly, let’s talk about Tara. SHE DOES IT ALL!!! Need a workout partner? Dog sitter? Meal prepper? Party entertainment? I could go on forever!! Tara is a lady boss at so many things!

As you can see, our office is full of leaders among leaders and we LOVE to celebrate what each of us brings to the team. Ladies, don’t forget to keep fighting for each other. We are ALL on the same team!
Happy Women’s Equality Day! <3