September 4, 2018
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September 15, 2018
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Our Favorite Toothbrush!

We have been getting a ton of questions lately about which toothbrush we prefer. I actually love that there are so many options available! You can’t scroll through Instagram, listen to a podcast, or check your Facebook without seeing a new toothbrush option out there. It’s so great that the importance of oral health is becoming so well known!
While I think we can all agree that the most important thing is that you are actually using a toothbrush ;), our favorite is the Philips Sonicare! This electric toothbrush has a ton of awesome features. First of all, it has a timer that tells you exactly how long to brush for. The timer even indicates how long you should brush each section! It has a pressure sensor, so say goodbye to brushing too hard! This feature notifies you when you are pushing too hard while brushing. Another awesome feature is the ability to sanitize the brush head after you’ve used it – especially handy for when you’re sick! All these features are great, not to mention the slew of options for brush heads that are specific to your needs: plaque busters, gum health, whiter teeth, etc.
Once you experience the clean feel of just having your teeth cleaned by using your Philips Sonicare, you will be a believer too! However, the important thing is that you are brushing your teeth and doing so properly! Ask your hygienist next time you are in for a visit about if you could benefit from all the awesome things a Sonicare has to offer.