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Perio Protect

Ever wondered how you could get your gums healthier, whiten your smile, and save yourself time and money? Believe it or not, we have the perfect answer for you! Perio Protect is a custom fitted tray that does all of these things. Dr. Foley often calls it the best value in dentistry. For less than the cost of a single crown, we have seen these trays work miracles in the mouths of people who use them.

Perio Protect trays are clear, flexible trays that are custom fitted to your mouth. The benefits are immeasurable! Between the fit of the trays, and a medication placed in the trays while wearing them, the medication gets pushed deep down into the gums and helps to fight bacteria in the mouth! This medication gets deep into tissue in those impossible-to-reach areas and helps to fight and even eliminate the existence of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Another added bonus to getting your mouth healthy is that the medication used to fight the bacteria actually whitens your teeth! It is the perfect “kill two birds with one stone.” We often refer to the whitening results as being “Ross white” from that episode in Friends where Ross gets his teeth whitened. HAHA! There really are amazing results that happen with these trays and you not only get your teeth whiter, but your hygienist is also going to praise you for how healthy your gums are looking at your next wellness visit!

If you want more information or have questions about this product, call our office and speak with one of our clinical professionals on how this product can help you! Also, THIS WEEK ONLY we are promoting Perio Protect with $100 off if you purchase this week!
We cannot wait to see our patient’s get healthier and this truly is the best value in dentistry for doing so!