Say Hello to Dr. Omran, Our Amazing Periodontist!

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September 30, 2016
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Say Hello to Dr. Omran, Our Amazing Periodontist!

Dr. OmranIf you’ve ever needed to have an extraction or other major dental work done, you might have felt nervous about the procedures. At Foley Dental Group, we are proud to have a fantastic periodontist on our team who excels not only at dentistry but also in keeping his patients happy and calm.

Meet Dr. Mohamed Omran! He has been a periodontist here at Foley Dental Group for 18 months and is happy to be part of our team. He didn’t grow up wanting to be a dentist; however, Dr. Omran found a passion for dentistry and decided to pursue that dream.

“Dentistry is both challenging and rewarding,” Dr. Omran said. “I truly feel joy by changing a person’s life when I create a beautiful and healthy smile. The staff at Foley Dental Group is really helpful and passionate about dentistry. Also, the doctors and staff spend a lot of time getting to know the patient, and patients appreciate what we do for them. They can be assured that they will receive high quality service and dental work at this practice.”

When it comes to implants, Dr. Omran feels there is usually not a better option to replace a tooth. “Implants are a long-term option for restoring a patient’s smile,” he said. “They are a safe and reliable, well-proven solution to replace teeth. Patients should know if implants are the right treatment for them. They need to take into consideration the length of time it takes to go through the implant process as well as how to maintain them and keep them healthy.”

So when patients lose a tooth, should they consider implants, a bridge, or a partial denture? Here’s the breakdown:

*A partial denture is like a removable prosthesis with teeth on it. This can be taken in and out. A partial denture cannot withstand as high of a bite force as a bridge or implants. It places increased forces on the remaining natural teeth, and food collects around and under it, which can potentially cause decay if the partial isn’t cleaned constantly.

*A bridge is a permanent replacement in which teeth on either side of the missing tooth are crowned and the missing tooth is attached to the crowns. After a bridge is placed, the patient must be diligent about flossing properly every day. Often, patients don’t floss properly under a bridge, so decay can occur on the teeth supporting the bridge. When decay forms on one or both of the supporting teeth, the entire bridge will need to be removed in order to repair the teeth.

*Implants are the least invasive option for replacing a missing tooth and is usually the best option for a patient. The only tooth that will be affected is the missing tooth. The implant is placed in the bone where the root was once located, and a crown is eventually attached to the implant. The implant can withhold the most amount of bite force – in fact, it can almost withstand the same amount of bite force as a real tooth, and the implant will not affect other teeth in the mouth as a direct result of treating the missing tooth.

If you need to take care of a missing tooth, know that you are in good hands when you see Dr. Omran here at Foley Dental Group! To request an appointment with us, be sure to call us at (618) 288-9670 or visit us online at