Tonsil Stones – What Are They and How Do You Treat Them?

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September 7, 2015
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Tonsil Stones – What Are They and How Do You Treat Them?

tonsil stonesYou may have heard of kidney stones or gallstones, but have you ever heard of tonsil stones? Tonsil stones occur when bacteria and other materials such as mucous and dead cells become trapped in the nooks and crannies of your tonsils and harden.

Tonsil stones are most common with people who have chronic inflammation in their tonsils or suffer repeated bouts of tonsillitis. Don’t worry though; most tonsil stones do not cause any noticeable symptoms and can only be found through an X-ray or CT scan. However, if you have larger tonsil stones, you may notice a few of these symptoms: bad breath, sore throat, white debris, difficulty swallowing, ear pain, or tonsil swelling.

Fortunately, many tonsil stones can be treated easily at home and often require no treatment at all. If your tonsil stones seem to be causing you discomfort or pain, your dentist may recommend gargling warm salt water to help ease the discomfort.

Even though tonsil stones may be more common with people who suffer from chronic tonsillitis, they are usually mild and cause no discomfort or any noticeable symptoms. To learn more about tonsil stones, make sure to contact us at (618) 288-9670!