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August 25, 2018
September 4, 2018
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Top Office Products!

This week in the office we are highlighting some of our favorite products! I asked a few members of our clinical team what their favorite products are in the office. Read below to see what our favorites are from experience!

Without a doubt, the most popular answer of our clinical team of their favorite product in the office is the Sonicaire. Dr. Foley says “we see results so quickly when patients make the switch” Becky says “makes my teeth feel so clean and helps improve the health of my patients.”

#2. Perio Protect
This product is quickly climbing the list of the favorite! Tara says “I feel an instant issue addressed I like to have instant gratification and it deliver it in a 15 minute session! My teeth, gums, and mouth have never felt better or cleaner and I will use these DAILY! Forever”

#3. Perio Med Rinse
This one is can be sort of a sleeper on the list of favorites but the results are undeniable! Jayna says “I use this product nightly to ensure my gums are always as healthy as they can be! My hygienist Jenn can definitely see the difference”

We would love to introduce one of these products to you or many more of our other favorites. Ask your hygienist about these 3 top favorites or what other products can get your mouth healthy next time you are in!