Trick-or-Treating and Your Kid’s Teeth

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September 25, 2014
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Trick-or-Treating and Your Kid’s Teeth

Halloween is almost here! Pretty soon you’ll spot Buzz Lightyear, Frozen’s Elsa and Anna, Batman, and many other characters strolling through your neighborhood. And while you’ve made sure your kids walked on the sidewalk, only went to houses you knew, and checked all of their candy . . . are you keeping their teeth safe?

Dentists don’t fear goblins and ghouls – they fear sugary candy! There’s nothing wrong with indulging your children (or yourself) in a little Halloween candy, but be smart about it. Avoid chewy candy, which gets stuck in the grooves between teeth and can cause cavities. Chewy candies have also been known to pull out crowns, so be careful! Make sure your children always brush their teeth after their treat.

Monsters under your child’s bed are the least of your fears – we’ve had parents tell us their children kept a secret stash of Halloween candy under their beds! This is especially a problem if they eat candy late at night and fall asleep without brushing their teeth, allowing the sugar to wreak havoc on their teeth. Better take a peek!

Most importantly, we hope you have a fun and safe Halloween. However, if that sugary candy gets the best of you or your family’s teeth, please call us for an appointment at 618-288-9670 or visit us at